About Bentley

High quality wood preparation

Northern spruce along with beech and walnut are specially selected to ensure a warm rich tone with longer sustain, as used in the world’s finest pianos. The use of high quality woods, well seasoned and prepared, creates a superior quality musical instrument that will endure and reward for life.

High quality woods selected from renewable resources are seasoned up to ten years and kiln dried before being used in Bentley piano production.

Critical components that generate the sound of Bentley pianos include soundboard bridges, ribs and tuning pinblocks which are crafted from Rock Maple Wood for maximum performance and endurance. Solid engineered soundboards are created from close grained, high quality northern Spruce.

Woods are kiln dried to ensure specific moisture content during the critical acclimatisation process before production of Bentley piano parts commences.  This careful attention to detail ensures the wood is stable and will not swell or contract in the many thousands of moving parts that make up a modern piano. Bentley pianos benefit from a consistent easy to play touch as well as having stable tuning and tonal quality.

Iron frame

The Bentley golden iron frame foundry uses pig iron poured into wet sand moulds. This sand cast method is the traditional manner of piano frame production and normally only used for the world’s most expensive pianos. Compared to other mass production techniques sand casting provides greater frame density and strength producing a clearer tone without harmonic distortion.


The soundboard of a piano is its voice. Bentley pianos have a specially engineered solid spruce soundboard which provides a greater dynamic range and improved sustain. Up to five back posts add power and stability to the soundboard assembly.

Bentley soundboards use 100% close grained high altitude northern spruce, designed and crafted to enhance the tone and resonance from the piano. A solidspruce core ensures maximum transference of energy across the soundboard bringing a lively tone and responsiveness normally only associated with top class piano manufacturers.

Each face of the solid spruce soundboard has an offset thin epidermal layer of spruce. This specially engineered feature enhances the energy transferance across the soundboard and strengthens the solid core to withstand worldwide climatic conditions or the risks associated with older pianos in centrally heated homes lacking humidity control. Unlike some entry level pianos, Bentley soundboards are designed to resist cracking while maintaining a beautiful tone throughout the life of the piano.

Tuning pins and German piano wire

Cut-thread tuning pins are used to provide more precision and control for the piano technician. They allow for a more stable and longer lasting tuning. Cut-thread tuning pins are superior to the alternative stamping method of inserting the tuning pin into the multi-layered pin block.

German piano wire is used in Bentley pianos for the finest soundwave generation enhancing a clear tone and tuning stability. Bass strings are copper wound in the factory using the latest machines to precise tolerances to ensure clear and resonant bass registers for all Bentley pianos.

Luxury fade resistant cabinet finishing

Static UV Polyester finishing on the high gloss Bentley piano cabinet gives the piano a more durable and fade-resistant finish. Applied using a patented ‘Static UV Application’ process, with repeated polyester sanding and buffing by automated machines in environmentally controlled conditions ensures the highest quality cabinet finish.