Bentley Silent System

Factory installed silent play system

Selected Bentley upright models can be supplied with a GENIO PREMIUM silent play system, made in Korea. Using headphones your acoustic piano can be turned into a digital piano featuring a choice of voices and effects as well as becoming an interface to other technology, including computer recording and composition software.

Play your piano as normal and hear a digitally sampled piano sound through your headphones.

  • Universal mute rail, optical key & pedal sensors with 127 velocity level and 5 touch curves

  • 16 pre set voices (from GM 128 standard voices)

  • 128 note polyphony, 30,000 note recorder

  • 8 Reverb effects to allow for greater freedom of expression

  • Transpose function to allow playing with other instruments

  • Connect via USB, MIDI in/out/thru for external devices or computer recording & composition

Please contact us for further information on our Silent Play system.